Founder: Xie Yiyuan
Chairman: Li Tiemei 
General Manager: Zhou Xiaolan


Mr. Xie Yiyuan, the founder of the company, founded Hunan Jianghu Industry Co., LTD in Shaoyang, Hunan in 1983. In 1990, he moved to Shanghai and established the Shanghai supply office of Hunan Jianghu Industry Co., LTD. In 1992, Shanghai Jianghu Industry Co., LTD was established. He then invested in Shanghai Jianghu Titanium White Product Co., LTD due to the need of factory production.In 2000, Mr. Xie Yiyuan successively developed food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade titanium dioxide, which broke the history that titanium dioxide in this field could only be imported.
In March 2016, as a major titanium dioxide finishing project,the company was introduced through the investment attraction of Tongzhou Bay, Jianghai Linkage development demonstration zone in Jiangsu Province.The company has purchased nearly 80 mu of land and built some workshops and complex buildings with a total area of 51660 square meters.The company was registered on October 13, 2016 at the north side of Changjiang Road and east side of Huanghai Road, Tongzhou Bay Jianghai linkage development demonstration zone, Jiangsu Province, with a registered capital of CNY 100 million.Our company has set up a titanium dioxide fine processing base for the production of fine titanium dioxide products. At present, the company has invested CNY 120 million for the expansion and renovation of workshops, comprehensive buildings, production facilities and equipment, and has built a 10,000 grade(C-grade) microbial testing and physical and chemical testing laboratory.
The company has a 100,000 grade(D-grade) standard air purification workshop for the production of titanium dioxide as pharmaceutical auxiliary materials, with an annual output of 3,000 tons.
The company has a titanium dioxide workshop for chemical fiber, which produces 
various kinds of special titanium dioxide for polyester, filament, color masterbatch, 
spandex, polyamide, viscose, polypropylene acrylic and regenerated polyester 
chemical fiber. The annual output is 30,000 tons, and the quality is beyond the 
industry standard.
The company newly builds the production line of titanium dioxide for acetate fiber.
The annual output is 8000 tons.
The company has a special workshop for food additive titanium dioxide, with an 
annual output of 5000 tons. Shanghai Jianghu Titanium White Product Co., LTD.,the predecessor of the company, is the drafting unit of the national standard for food 
additive titanium dioxide. Mr. Xie Yiyuan, the founder of the company, is the main 
draftsman of the standard. The annual output of compound colorant (high dispersion type) workshop is 1500 tons.The annual output of compound coloring emulsifier workshop is 1500 tons.The annual output of compound colorant (A, B, C, D) workshop is 1500 tons.Each product has A special production line.
Therefore,All the employees of our company sincerely hope that the vast number of new and old customers as always support us.We will repay you with high quality products and sincere service.Here I would like to express my sincere thanks to you!
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